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Preventive maintenance services


Don’t wait until a problem hits. Minimise downtime for your machinery with scheduled preventative maintenance.

Preventive maintenance is an important investment in safety, productivity and the longevity of your machinery and equipment.

Preventive maintenance isn’t any one thing; it’s many different things, including:

  • Properly training operators
  • Using the right equipment for the job
  • Regularly cleaning and inspecting all equipment
  • Making smaller repairs early
  • Following the service schedule outlined by the manufacturer
  • Working with an expert engineer to ensure top-quality maintenance

Improper or irregular machinery maintenance can cost money and come back to bite you in more serious ways, including poor quality production and a higher incidence of on-the-job injuries.

When it comes to preventative maintenance and general engineering in Melbourne, you can’t go wrong with Vic’s Precision Tooling & Engineering.

Machine Modifications / Upgrades

We can modify and upgrade your machinery with the latest features to ensure that your machinery is performing at its peak and improve production capacities and efficiencies.


Whether you need component manufacturing or an expert toolmaker in Melbourne, we can help. We can manufacture new components based on your original worn parts or manufacturer’s specifications. We can produce the highest quality components with fast turnaround times.

Our Services

As an expert toolmaker and engineer in Melbourne, we offer a comprehensive range of metal work and general engineering services, including:

metal work and general engineering services
Cad Design Services Melbourne


Development of new products (design and manufacture) to improve efficiency with the components of your machine.

With our CAD design service can help you reduce your design-related expenses and complete projects more rapidly. We can help to streamline production processes to minimise labour requirements.

Using CAD design, we can work with you to design and manufacture a range of components, replacement parts, prototypes, reverse engineered elements, jigs and fixtures and more. We can also help to replace missing design or specification documentation, identify flaws in component design or processes, and enhance process efficiencies.

Machinery Repair Service in Campbellfield

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