Precision Cylindrical Grinding in Melbourne

Cylindrical grinding is one of the most commonly used industrial grinding processes. At Vic’s Precision Tooling & Engineering, we offer high-end precision cylindrical grinding up to 1 metre to customers across Melbourne.

The process is used to shape and finish materials to precision specifications while delivering extremely high surface quality and low roughness. It can be used on a variety of shapes, provided the work material has a central axis of rotation.

Cylindrical grinding can be used to machine and restore worn or damaged components and parts back to their original specifications. It can be much faster and cheaper than sourcing new parts, and this can reduce machine downtime and save you money.

Cylindrical grinding process & How it works?

Cylindrical grinding is a machining process that produces precise cylindrical shapes or contours on a workpiece. It involves rotating a cylindrical grinding wheel against the surface of the workpiece while it is held in a rotating chuck or between centres. The grinding wheel is usually made of abrasive materials such as aluminium oxide or silicon carbide, and it removes material from the workpiece by abrasion.

During the process, the workpiece is fed axially into the grinding wheel, and the grinding wheel removes material gradually to achieve the desired dimensions or surface finish. The grinding wheel’s rotation and the workpiece’s movement relative to the wheel enables precise shaping and sizing of cylindrical objects.

Cylindrical grinding is commonly used in manufacturing industries for producing cylindrical components such as shafts, rods, bearings, and gears. It offers high precision and can achieve tight tolerances, making it suitable for applications where accuracy is critical. Additionally, cylindrical grinding can be applied to various materials, including metals, plastics, ceramics, and composites.


  • High uniformity of product
  • Machining of complex forms
  • Delivers high-precision roundness
  • A flexible, efficient and economical machining process
  • Delivers parts to highly accurate specifications
  • Repeatable machining process to high tolerances

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