Metal Turning & Spinning Services In Melbourne

At Vic’s Precision Tooling & Engineering, we offer expert metal turning to customers across Melbourne from our workshop in Campbellfield. We have four high-quality metal lathes capable of carrying out a range of precision turning and boring services.

Metal turning is a form of machining used to create rotational parts by cutting away excess material. Typically, a single-point cutting tool (although some systems use multi-point cutting tools) secured to the machine is fed into the rotating workpiece and cuts away pieces to create the desired shape or finish.

The process is often used to add precision rotational features to a component whose basic shape has already been formed. These features can include holes, grooves, threads, steps or contours.

We offer a range of metal turning services, including straight turning, taper turning, profiling and external grooving, hard turning, spherical generation, knurling, reaming, threading and more.

Whether you require prototype parts, replacement components, re-machining of worn parts, or reverse engineering of components,

we can help. With over 50 years & experience and a wealth of hands-on engineering know-how, we can reliably deliver all your metalwork requirements with a fast turnaround and a high degree of precision.

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We offer precision metal turning to customers across Melbourne. We can also provide surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, metal milling, component manufacturing and a range of other metalwork services.

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Metal Turning & Spinning Services
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